TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW Is a specialized territory for the development of high technology industries located in close proximity from the city center.

The mission of Technopolis Moscow is to develop the innovation ecosystem of Moscow by providing favorable conditions for local and international hi-tech companies.

The project is being developed under the supervision of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow.

Welcome address

Igor Ishchenko CEO of Technopolis Moscow

«One of the key priorities of the economic policy of the Moscow City Government is the development of innovations, the modernization of industry and the attraction of investment into high-technology sectors of the city's economy.

In pursuing these aims the Moscow City Government is developing special infrastructure and Technopolis Moscow is its flagship project. Technopolis also plays an important role in revitalizing an old industrial brownfield – the South Port.

There are more 80 tenants including large Russian and international industrial manufacturers like Composite Holding Company, Crocus Technology, NeoPhotonics, Mapper Lithography and Schneider Electric. Besides high-technology products, these companies create highly skilled work places and contribute to the city budget with taxes.

Today Technopolis Moscow consists of over 335 000 m2 of industrial facilities including all necessary utilities, its own customs post, and a congress center.

We expect over 5,5 000 people to be working at Technopolis by the end of 2018. Today, Technopolis is already a center of gravity for innovative companies and a venue for large events of the hi-tech industry including the Open Innovation Forum 2014.Technopolis Moscow welcomes new tenants».


Yulia Shakhnovskaya Director General, Polytechnic Museum

Polytechnic museum has transferred its collections to new 15 000 m2 storage facility, located in Russian capital’s Mecca of innovations – Technopolis Moscow.

Most of Russian museums do not have necessary capacities to store art, collections of manuscripts and so forth. In this regard the storage facility of Polytechnic museum created from scratch in the Technopolis is unique for our country. For instance, the storage contains special temperature and humidity maintaining containers for several thousand rare scientific books.

Anatoly Popov Country Managing Director of ABB in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus

We are pleased to have the training center in one of the most modern and advanced technological cluster in Moscow.

ABB has been supplying power and automation technologies on Russian market for more than 120 years. One of our main goals is to develop professional skills of Russian specialists in power energy industry according to modern world standards. That is why we have chosen Technopolis «Moscow» for ABB Innovative Training Center. ABB is pursuing a policy of digitalization and enrolling its new digital transformation program ABB Ability.

Denis Shamiryan CEO, Mapper LLC

Technopolis «Moscow» turned out to be a successful compromise between the construction of the own manufacture and rental the clean rooms.

«Mapper» Ltd. produces the microelements of electronic optics based on micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) for the head Dutch company «Mapper Lithography». Technopolis «Moscow» was an ideal option for placement the MEMS factory, combining the attractive rent conditions, transport availability and existence of the own custom post.

Maxim Fedyukov CEO of Texel

Technopolis «Moscow» has opened up new horizons for Texel

One of the most important things Technopolis has given us is a faster pace to move forward. Thanks to Technopolis PR service, we are able to participate in the largest tech fairs, such as Hannover Messe and Open Innovations, where our company has presented our 3D scanners on the Moscow City Government booth.
Technopolis provides us an office close to the Metro station, pretty spacious one for all our company needs. I would also note it is a great pleasure to work among extraordinary neighbors we have here; sharing space with interesting innovative companies creates prolific atmosphere which contributes to the development and growth of our business.

Plazarium Carries out applied scientific research and experimental development aimed at achieving the goals of environmental, energy-related and special technological application of gas-discharge plasma.
Manufactures units for plasma gasification of carbon-containing wastes with generation of heat and electric energy, units for disposal of medical and hazardous chemical wastes, plasma pyrolysis units with production of fuels (gasoline and diesel fractions), units for plasma hydrockacking of heavy oil and tar, industrial plasma systems with steam arc heated plasma torches, equipment for plasma thermal processing of materials (for brazing, welding and cutting, surface heat treatment and plasma coating).
Performs engineering design, development of projects of industrial processes and production operations, pre-commissioning activities relating to the manufactured equipment.

Artline Technology The company specializing in manufacturing racing cars including those of Formula grade, and operation of motor racing infrastructure.
Its developments are based on 19 years’ experience of successful participation in major competitions in Russia and beyond. They are used not only in the car industry, but also in aviation, ship building, medicine, and military defence. Following the import substitution program, the company prioritizes cooperation with Russian manufacturers and utilization of the intellectual potential of domestic professionals, including graduates of the leading universities in Moscow.

Berendsen Berendsen Company offers professional laundry services to prepare clean-room garment for cleanrooms. Clean laundry services are intended for the companies involved in the field of high technology development, drug manufacturing, medical and microelectronics devices manufacturing. Berendsen clean laundry is located in Moscow but assumes services for various Russian regions. Company’s services include leasing and cleaning of clean-room garment and accessories, clean room cleaning system, logistic organization and documentary securing.

Prepreg ACM Prepreg-ACM is a portfolio company of Rosnano founded in 2009. Prepreg-ACM manufactures industrial fabrics of various weaving types, non-crimp fabrics and prepregs on the basis of carbon fiber for various industries: aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive, building and construction and sports equipment.

Nanotechnology Centre of Composites Nanotechnology Center for Composites (NCC) is a joint venture of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (Rusnano) and DowAksa Advanced Composites Holdings BV (Dow Chemical).
Today the company is a leading player in the market of composites, carrying out a full cycle of development and production of products from polymer composite materials: design and stress calculations, material development, tooling, prototyping, testing and certification.
NCC produces wide range of products: Carbon Wrap structural reinforcement system, automotive components, pultruded profiles, drone parts and fuselages, mobile road slabs, fiberglass handrails and access systems, sprinklers and water traps for cooling towers, drainage trays, tactile indicators, chemically resistant pipes, and a wide range of fiberglass products and CFRP produced on individual basis.

UMATEX Group UMATEX Group, (brand name of NPK Khimprominzhiniring, JSC) is a Promising Materials and Technologies division of ROSATOM State Corporation. A management company set up to create a market of composite materials in Russia. Comprises an R&D centre and enterprises manufacturing high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber, prepregs and CF fabrics.

RavenArms RavenArms — products manufactured by a subsidiary of Composite Holding Company. Raven Arms focuses on development and manufacture of composite gunstocks for all types of portable firearms. Our carbon gunstocks were successfully tested for structural strength by the Central Engineering and Research Bureau for Sport and Hunting Weapons by means of multiple drops onto a concrete slab at temperatures between -50°С and +50°С. The military gunstocks are tested in accordance with OTT 7.2.7- 85, and civilian ones — in accordance with OST 3-4728-80 standard. We provide a 20-year warranty for all our products.

MERCK Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Around 50,000 employees work to further develop technologies that improve and enhance life – from biopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer or multiple sclerosis, cutting-edge systems for scientific research and production, to liquid crystals for smartphones and LCD televisions. In 2016, Merck generated sales of € 15 billion in 66 countries.
Founded in 1668, Merck is the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. The founding family remains the majority owner of the publicly listed corporate group. Merck holds the global rights to the Merck name and brand. The only exceptions are the United States and Canada, where the company operates as EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma and EMD Performance Materials.

Medplant MEDPLANT is a development and production company for a wide range of modern portable innovative import phase-out medical equipment for first aid and emergency medicine (arterial bleeding control, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, restoration and maintaining of breathing through the upper respiratory airway, monitoring of life-threatening conditions, transport immobilization, evacuation and transportation of casualties.) All in all, it has 31 registered medical appliances and 14 invention patents. The company possesses a European certificate ISO 13485, and a range of products was granted with European CE certificates. Over 20 000 ambulances in all regions of Russia and neighboring countries are equipped with MEDPLANT products, it is also widely used by the EMERCOM, emergency medicine and the Russian Federation Military.

Rada-Pharma Development and manufacturing of original photosensitiser based on chlorophyll, development of the photodynamic therapy and fluorescent diagnostics method.

ACADEMY-T LLC A leader in the field of manufacturing treat¬ment-and-prophylactic and multi-functional sport nutrition. The company has been con¬ducting research in the field of biotechnology and threpsology for over 20 years and supply¬ing with the Russian National Team, including many world champions and champions of the Sochi-2014 Olympic Winter Games sports and clinical nutrition. None of the company’s products contain any component subjected to genetic modification, doping substances or their metabolites.

Vetbiochem Established in 2005. The company's portfolio includes products for production animals and pets — vaccines, diagnostic systems, anti-parasitic, antibacterial and disinfecting agents. The company has successful experience in manufacturing for federal state procurement.
Its products have been registered in the Russian Federation and beyond, in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine and are sold in all these countries. It has over 140 employees, with 30 of them in possession of a master's or PhD degree. The company has advanced hi-tech equipment. Development, manufacture and product quality control comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice.
Vetbiochem LLC quality management system complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011. Proprietary technologies are used in the production process.
The company plans to expand and revamp its current facilities, develop new technologies including those which help decrease product costs, and expand the range of products that substitute imported ones, and so it is creating and equipping new production areas and R&D departments which comply with international and domestic industrial standards.

Novamedica innotech The R&D center is designed for the development and pilot production of innovative drug products. It comprises a complex of R&D laboratories and production sites with technological capabilities which are unique for the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The center’s facilities mean it can carry out 15-20 R&D projects and produce up to 80 m product units per year. Apart from development of its own drug portfolio, the NovaMedica Innotech cooperate with foreign and local partners and to fulfill their drug development orders. NovaMedica Innotech is a subsidiary of NovaMedica company. A RUSNANO project Resident in Skolkovo.

Tyumen plant of medical equipment and appliances Full-cycle production and assembly of unique medical devices in the field of infection con¬trol systems in health care: steam autoclaves; low temperature plasma sterilizers, medical waste sterilization plants, disinfection cleaning machines. In termes of their performance pa¬rameters, these medical devices excel most from the well-known similar devices from leading manufacturers.

Orthomoda — designing of specialized footwear Since 2001, the Orthomoda design center has been developing and manufacturing orthopedic footwear. In 2009, they started producing specialized (adaptive) clothing for disabled people. Most of the developments are intended for children. Special attention is paid to practicality and the appearance of the clothing and footwear for disabled people. In 2017, a new innovative orthopedic footwear production site was launched at Technopolis Moscow. Currently, the company is developing the following areas:
- their own network of Orthomoda orthopedic shoe shops, providing consulting and diagnostic services;
- wholesale supplies of Orthomoda orthopedic footwear and adaptive clothing to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries;
- e-shop for Orthomoda orthopedic footwear and clothing;
- Government Contracts Department (production and supply of orthopedic footwear);
- individual orders for designer orthopedic shoes, insoles and clothing.
Synergy of knowledge and expertise of the Technopolis residents enables the development of digital technologies.

CHIRANA+ This Slovak manufacturer of medical appli¬ances was established in 1935. It is now the leading manufacturer of medical equipment in Europe. For over 80 years its major pro¬file has been anesthesiology and critical and emergency care.
While continuing the best traditions of the com¬pany, production of Made in Russia-brand¬ed anesthesiology and general anesthesia appliances is now being commissioned at a high technical and scientific level with appli¬cation of materials which ensure their long life and have high qualitative and functional and cost-efficiency features.

Medical appliances Development, manufacturing, testing of health care products: soluble and insoluble stents, vessels for angioplasty of coronary and peripheric vessels, micro-catheters, micro-implants for glaucoma drainage and treatment.

An-Med Manufacturing of single-use consumable high-class medical devices. Innovative technologies for respiratory system in the field of anesthesiology and reanimation.

INKORO, LLC Russian based company LLC “Inkoro” develops and manufactures medical products. At the moment producing devices for urology such as ureteral stents and ureteral catheters in sets and in different designs. Planning to constantly expand the product range.
The production line of medical devices is based upon technology created by Rocamed company (Monaco) which guarantees high European quality tested by time.

CROCUS NANO ELECTRONICS Crocus Nano Electronics – First semiconduc¬tor 300mm wafers fab in Russia, was estab¬lished in 2011 at the initiative of Rusnano. CNE manufacturing facility capable of runing back-end of the line semiconductor processes for 90/65nm nodes. The company provides Non-Recurring Engineering for Process Flow Development, Prototyping and BEOL Foundry Services according to the requirements of an individual project.
The company focuses on emerging technolo¬gies and devices:
- Non-volatile memory: MRAM and RRAM;
- Bio-electronic sensors;
- Advanced magnetic sensors;
- Integrated passive devices;
CNE is certified ISO 9001:2015.

Macrooptica A manufacturer of optical components, optical and mechanical assemblies and optical and electronic systems for science, aircraft and space industry, military and special equipment, devices for general civil and medical application. Main business lines: manufacturing of high-precision optical elements of optical glass and crystals with coating, optical crystal growing, metal working, engineering, development and manufacturing of a wide range of optical-and-mechanical systems and optical-and-electronic systems against individual and serial orders.

Neophotonics Development and manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits and modules and subsystems based on them.
Output products: PLC optical splitters; finishing of quartz wafers with a photonic integrated circuit topology (conformal deposition of protective layers and their annealing.

MAPPER A joint project of the Dutch company Mapper Lithography and ROSNANO, OJSC. The enterprise manufactures innovative components of electronic optics on the basis of the of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology. Besides that, Mapper LLC provides foundry services for different MEMS devices (accelerometers, gyroscopes etc.).

SENSOR LLC Sensor LLC. produces pressure transducers and transmitters based on strain gauges for general and special purposes on the basis of own proprietary technologies of sensitive elements. Transmitters and transducers are used in aviation, petrochemical, power engineering, shipbuilding and other industries. The key advantages are working in a wide range of temperatures (-196С to + 350С), under the influence of broadband vibrations and radiation and in harsh environment."

Copter express Copter Express is a researcher and developer of industrial drones. The company's quadcopters are designed for educational purposes, autonomous monitoring of different types of areas and aerial cargo delivery. The company produces two products: programmable quadcopter constructor kit “Clever” and industrial autonomous drone “Pelican” for monitoring of different types of areas and aerial cargo delivery.
The company is a member of Skolkovo, a member of the Association of Operators and Developers of Unmanned Aerial Systems “Aeronet” and a member of the Association of Machinery Manufacturers Union of Russia. Copter Express actively participates in educational expos and competitions, and is in partnership with WorldSkills Russia, School of New Technologies, All-Russian Robotics Competition, and was the coordinator of the National Technological Initiative Olympics.

M-Industries A national developer of unmanned aero¬space systems with artificial intelligence. The company forms a symbiosis of a modern production facility and a research laboratory allowing us to successfully create autono¬mous unmanned aerial systems possessing unique characteristics, as well as specialized software for a wide range of tasks, including cross-platform solutions and cloud services.
For the purposes of quality and cost control, the development, manufacturing and test¬ing of most components for our products are made within the company, which allows them to offer the lowest prices on the market and significantly reduces development time. The company’s goal is to become the mar¬ket leaders in development of a fundamentally new generation of autonomous unmanned aerial systems.

Radioline Radioline produces automated complexes which measure parameters of antennas, relay satellites, radar stations, robotized precision linear drive units and rotary mechanisms.

SDTD Special Design and Technology Department of Applied Robotics has been specializing in the development, design and creation of robotic systems and special-purpose systems for more than 30 years.
The products created by the company are successfully used to replace a person when performing work associated with increased risk, such as rescue and explosion work, radiation and chemical contamination, military and anti-terrorist activities.
The robotic complexes created by SDTD AR has been supplied to many power structures and enterprises of the Russian Federation, as well as the countries of near and far abroad: the RF Ministry of Defense, ROSGVARDIA of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the FSB of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, ROSATOM, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan,Vietnam.

ABB ABB is a technological leader in the field of electric equipment, robotic engineering and motion works, industrial automation and electric mains. The company works with customers in the field of electric-power industry, industry, transport and infrastructure. ABB has been creating the future of industrial digitalization over 40 years. Over 70 million of connected devices and over 70 thousands of control systems in all market segments: ABB has everything to max. benefit from the upcoming fourth industrial revolution. 130 years of advanced experience allows ABB to do business successfully in over 100 countries number of persons employed over 135,000. In the territory of "Moscow" Technopolis the Innovative training center functions, the main aim of which is development of professional skills of experts of the domestic electrotechnical market according to the up-to-date worldwide standards.

SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION CENTER “SPECIALELECTRONSYSTEM” Designing, engineering and manufacturing of multilayer three-dimensional multi-crystal ceramic modules, packages and other low-temperature ceramics technology products.

NEX-T One of the leading Russian manufacturers of interactive systems and rehabilitation equipment for people with special needs. The company is included in “Russian LED-technologies development” technology platform is a member of the Association of assistive technologies market participants “AURA-TECH”, and has five patents in the field of nanotechnologies.

SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL CENTER «PRIVODNAYA TECHNIKA» ВA leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of electrically driven equipment with over 19-years of work experience in many sectors of industry and municipal services. In Technopolis new prototypes of industrial electric drives are developed and put into production for special application for new industries - machine tool building, oil refining, petrochemistry, military industrial sector.

Limited Liability Company «Privod-Engineering»
http://WWW.ПРИВОД-ИНЖИНИРИНГ.РФ “Privod-Engineering“ is an engineering company running since 2004.
The company has a strong team of engineers and designers, as well as its own design and manufacturing facilities for the production of electrical equipment. The company has licenses, permits and approvals for the design, construction, and energy audits.
The main specialization of the company: energy efficient technologies and solutions based on them; non-standard solutions for motion control; high power range drives and mechanisms; process control system.

NIISSU The Institute carries out research-and-development activities in the following scientific and technical fields: creation of mobile automated control systems and field communication systems for various applications and deploying; creation of rapidly-deployed communication systems; creation of mobile units location and status monitoring systems; development of mobile automated workstations to receive and process various types of information.

Mediann-Resheniya Manufacturing facility consisting of a subdivision involved in assembly of computer aids, and a data security department. The assembly subdivision is oriented towards assembly of small batches (up to 1000 pcs.) of computers and servers, and single non-standard computer aids, such as special computing systems and data storage systems. The data security department includes security office equipped in accordance with the requirements of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and licensed to work with information classified as state secret.

T8 publishing technologies Innovative publishing business with the cloud system of hosted storage, digital content and digital production control. Product selling market is over 35 ths. shops all over the world. The technology enables to print a book in one copy at the cost of a large lot.

Goodwin europe corporate group Manufacture, supply and maintenance of telecommunications equipment with application of various radio technologies for public and industrial purposes. Development of customer equipment for terrestrial and underground facilities (mine shafts, openings, tunnels, etc.) and special-purpose communications networks for the Russian defence and public authorities. Advanced developments in the field of the Internet of Things and telemedicine.

Stereoforma (Byuro-78, LLC) Development and manufacturing of 3D scanners on the basis of photogrammetry. Professional 3D-printing using various materials: plaster, polyamide, PMMA, photopolymers, molding sand, metals, plastics.

Texel Texel is a producer of professional 3D scanners and a developer of algorithms and software. Portal is included in the top 10 best 3D scanners in the world according to the French rating Aniwaa and the authoritative Swiss Hometrica Consulting. Texel 3D scanners are used in the industries of fashion, advertising (experiential marketing), fitness and VR/AR.

Tselina Data Lab. (Byuro-78, LLC)

A laboratory that develops software using machine learning algorithms. A creator of the unique non-contact truth analysis complex FRAUDOSCOPE, that uses machine learning technologies, computer vision and 3D reconstruction.

Relcom-Data Operation and development of DATA-centers and development of new technologies in the field of energy saving used in the course of data-centers operation.


A data processing center that provides creation of the unique infrastructure for cloud servers (by the example of iCloud) for big companies and for small & medium enterprises. The company has created one of the largest mining farms in the country in Technopolis Moscow.


This company will establish a Data Processing Center for server equipment and switching points for Internet exchange for the Center at Technopolis Moscow. A system of highly-reliable engineering solutions for power supply and cooling supply will be implemented in the Center to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 operation of the telecommunications equipment to be installed.

Veda Project Development and implementation of projects in the field of radio-electronic and optical electronic equipment, navigation equipment, appliances for radio and video communication, software, and face recognition systems (2D/3D).

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Schneider Electric is a global expert in the field of energy management and industrial automation. In Russia the company has representation offices in 35 cities, 12,000 employees, 6 plants, 3 logistics centers, technical-scientific and engineering centers. Schneider Electric offers integrated energy efficient technologies for electrical power industry, infrastructure, various industries, facilities of civil construction and housing projects, data processing centers.
Schneider Electric manufacturing engineering center and training center in Technopolis provides training and retraining for specialists in the field of electrical energy management and energy efficiency improvement, service maintenance of hi-tech equipment, and assembly of unique invertors for Russian solar power stations.

ENSOL TECHNOLOGIYI EnSol is a developer, manufacturer and integrator of solutions to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs of logistics, industrial and trading companies. EnSol main activity is a supply li-ion batteries.
The company’s mission is the development of human-centred, environmentally friendly and economical energy storage for industrial equipment. Researchs of the company involves increased productivity of forklifts, cleaning equipment, passenger boarding bridges, vehicles for transporting luggage and the other electrical engineering.
EnSol is number one in thefield of manufacturing of energy-efficient solutions in Russia and remains the leader of li-ion batteries integration around the world. The geography of EnSol deliveries covers Russia, CIS, European countries and USA. Theire customers include a lot of major international logistics and production companies. EnSol manufacturing site is located in the territory of Technopolis “Moscow”.

PYROMANT Laboratory for development of climate control equipment. Piromant LLC is a Russian innovation company which develops technologies and equipment for combustion of natural, oil, associated, and other combustible hydrocarbon gases. Its product portfolio covers gas heaters, wall and floor-mounted condensation gas-fired boilers, flow-type calorifiers, recovery boilers, heat-exchange equipment, and modular boilers.
Machine tool manufacture is another separate business. The company manufactures machines for plasma cutting of metals of 0.5 to 200 mm, as requested by the client.

JSC PROFOTECH Russian R&D Company Profotech develops, produces and promotes its own innovative photonics technology. Their product line includes fiber optical instrument transformers for current measurement and electronic voltage transformers that enable solutions for digital smart grids and power-demanding industries.

RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGY GROUP This company’s main areas of activity are the development, manufacturing and supply of hi-tech electrical engineering equipment with performance characteristics at or above global standards.
The company conducts R&D for ultrahighperformance insulating materials, highcurrent switches, high-power high-voltage switches, high-stability high-frequency highvoltage sources, high-power high-voltage diode units and high-voltage capacitors.

TECHNOANALYT LLC Established in 1999. Its headquarters are located in Moscow, with branch offices in Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Its main businesses are:
- automatic chemical control of production processes (hydrological regime of thermal power plants and nuclear thermal power plants, water treatment, etc.);
- automatic control of quality and composition of liquid and gaseous emissions;
- commercial accounting and control of natural gas supply.
The equipment comes from the leading European and US manufacturers. The company handles turn-key projects starting from pre-feasibility studies to handover for operation with the complete set of technical and permit documentation, warranty and post-warranty services, and operating personnel training. To enable an integrated approach and to ensure quality technical support for its clients, the company has a staff of highly-qualified professionals, who undergo training at manufacturers’ sites on an annual basis.


Igor Ishchenko General Director

Igor Ishchenko

General Director

Igor Ishchenko has headed Technopolis "Moscow" in 2011. Prior to working in Technopolis, he occupied the senior positions in the electrical energy field: Deputy General Director of generation and project management in OJSC "Energpstroyinvest-Holding", Executive Director of a business entity №1 RAO "UES of Russia", Senior Vice president of economics and finance CJSC “Complex Energy Systems".

Igor Ishchenko executes the management of Technopolis "Moscow" activities; coordinates the work of its elements.

Alexander Lyalin First Deputy General Director

Alexander Lyalin

First Deputy General Director

Alexander Lyalin came to Technopolis in 2011. Prior to that, he worked as an adviser of General Director of electrical energy transport in OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company", manager of electrical energy transport directorate in OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company".

In Technopolis "Moscow" manages the industrial and technical activities.

Velentina Artyukhova Deputy General Director for Corporate Management

Velentina Artyukhova

Deputy General Director for Corporate Management

Prior to joining Technopolis in 2011, Valentina Artuhova took part in reorganization of JSC of energy and electrification "Mosenergo" (merger and acquisition). Occupied the senior positions on OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company".

In Technopolis "Moscow" she is responsible for:

-corporate work;
-executing the procurement procedures;
-legal expertise of contracts.

Mikhael Berner Adviser to General Director

Mikhael Berner

Adviser to General Director

Mikhail Berner works in Technopolis team since 2007. Prior to that, he occupied the position of head power engineer of industrial entity "Moskvich". He supervised the issues of power use on AZLK manufacture since 1957.

Now he supervises the development of power system of Technopolis "Moscow", is responsible for cooperation with educational institutes, as well as HR training for residents.


Tatyana Petukhova


Tatiana Petuhova worked as leading juris consult in the structures of Russian Ministry of Defense, commercial companies of oil and gas complex, as well as construction the objects of electrical power ("Engineering Center Energo" llc, "Velesstroy" llc). She is also expert author in "Liza. My child" magazine.

She is responsible for the full legal support of JSC Technopolis "Moscow" activities: contracts and claims, corporate support, registration of rights on company’s property, intercommunication with supervisory bodies, regulatory support of projects implementation.

Vadim Zhogan Director of Construction Directorate

Vadim Zhogan

Director of Construction Directorate

Joined to Technopolis team in 2012. Prior to that, he took part in constructing the enterprises of JSC "Mosvodokanal". He supervised the erection of hydraulic structures for "Mosvodokanal" and the construction of a Moscow glass processing manufacture.

In 2016, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, awarded Vadim Zhogan with the title of "Honorary Builder of Moscow".

In Technopolis "Moscow" Vadim Zhogan:

- supervises work on reconstruction, construction, overhaul;
- supervises the conducting of economic and financial contracts with contractors and enterprises;
- provides technical supervision and control in his competence;
- participates in the work of commissions for the acceptance of construction projects;
- directs the work of the directorate for construction and coordinates the activities of subordinate units.

Mikhail Tarasov Deputy General Director for Construction

Mikhail Tarasov

Deputy General Director for Construction

Mikhail Tarasov worked as Deputy General Director of OJSC "Special Transport Solutions" STS-GROUP ", CJSC "International Construction and Industrial Association "MOSSIB", chief engineer of OJSC Mosmontazhspetsstroy, technical director of OJSC RusAlyumStroy. He is the winner of Moscow contest "Manager of the Year 2015" in nomination "Construction". He joined to Technopolis team in 2011.

In Technopolis "Moscow" Mikhail Tarasov:

- is responsible for the construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings;
- ensures the rational use of investment resources;
- conducts economic and financial contracts;
- provides the necessary documentation;
- Coordinates profile questions with the supervisory bodies.

Andrey Peshkov Financial Director

Andrey Peshkov

Financial Director

Prior to joining Technopolis in 2011, Andrey Peshkov managed finances and investments in large energy companies. Worked as Director of Economics and Finance of "ELSIE Energostalkonstruktsiya" LLC, headed the Investment Department of "Group of E4" Group. He is a winner of the Moscow contest "Manager of the Year-2016" in the nomination "Organization of Innovative Production".

In the Technopolis "Moscow" team is responsible for:

- management of financial flows and risks;
- financial planning and reporting;
- attraction of financing;
- implementation of regional and federal subsidy projects;
- interaction with public authorities.

Victoria Kazaryan Director of Business Development

Victoria Kazaryan

Director of Business Development

Prior to joining Technopolis in 2014, Victoria Kazaryan worked as Deputy General Director of LLC Sport Solutions, and financial adviser to Golf 365 LLC.

In the Technopolis "Moscow" team is responsible for:

- attraction of residents to Technopolis and other new territories;
- development of interaction with development institutions and involvement of residents in state support measures;
- creation of internal cooperation mechanisms for residents;
- participation in the formation of the concept of development of the Technopolis and external projects.

Alexey Kotov Deputy General Director for Infrustructure

Alexey Kotov

Deputy General Director for Infrustructure

He joined the the Technopolis team in 2012. Alexey Kotov was engaged in one of the largest private Russian financial groups of CJSC "CentroCredit". In the company he passed the way from a specialist to the head of the project finance department and an advisor to the chairman of the Board of Directors on international issues. From 2005 to 2008 he worked as an asset manager in an organization engaged in investing in various instruments of the stock market.

In Technopolis "Moscow" he is responsible for the management of operational activities in terms of property relations, commercial real estate, development of infrastructure and services, procurement, material support. He controls the management of the business complex, security system, IT-support and implementation of new management systems.

Renat Mustafaev Director of Strategy

Renat Mustafaev

Director of Strategy

Renat is responsible for the development of Technopolis business strategy and external relations. Prior to joining the Technopolis Moscow team, Renat had an extensive background in foreign relations and investment promotion both in Moscow City Government and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Anna Gorbatova Deputy General Director for Development

Anna Gorbatova

Deputy General Director for Development

Prior to joining Technopolis in 2012, she held the position of Vice President of the Pre-IPO Fund in the company Renaissance Asset Managers. From 2004 to 2007 she worked in the valuation department of Ernst & Young. She participated in the assessment of the factories of GAZ Group in for transition to a single share and IPO of the company, as well as the evaluation of TGCs in RAO UES of Russia in while the industry reformed.

In the Technopolis, "Moscow" manages the work of the following directorates:

- of development;
- of strategy;
- of external relations;
- of marketing and public relations.

Alexander Semenov Chief Engineer

Alexander Semenov

Chief Engineer

Alexander Semenov worked as General Director of CJSC “Forms Technology”, Director of the production of Energobalans Management Company, Production Manager and Sales Director of the Nizhny Novgorod Manufacture named after Vitaliy. M.V. Frunze. He joined to Technopolis team in 2012.

In Technopolis "Moscow" is responsible for:

- interaction with energy supplying organizations;
- operation of engineering infrastructure;
- providing tenants and residents with the necessary types of energy resources;
- coordination of profile issues when locating residents;
- interaction with state structures in the field of operation of engineering.

Elene Barkhatova Chief Accountant

Elene Barkhatova

Chief Accountant

She manages accounting in Technopolis since 2007. She was appointed ror the position of chief accountant in 2011. Prior to that, she worked as Deputy Chief Accountant of OJSC "Moscow Management Financial Company".

In Technopolis "Moscow" Elena Barkhatova:

- Manages the process of functioning and development of the accounting system in the management structure of the organization;
- heads the accounting department and the support department of the 1C program;
- organizes accounting and tax accounting of economic and financial activities and control over the economical use of resources, expenditure of the wage fund, preservation of the property of the enterprise;
- conducts inventories, compiles accounting and tax reporting, etc .;
- represents the interests of the enterprise on financial, economic, and other issues.

Igor Maslov Deputy cheif engeneer

Igor Maslov

Deputy cheif engeneer

Prior to joining Technopolis "Moscow" in 2013, worked as the chief Novgorodenergo construction for seven years, Samaraneftegaz and AKRON. He headed the accounting automation department of Energobalance-Stolitsa LLC, managed the directorate of automated systems of EnergoSet LLC, and the metrological service for the operation of OJSC "Voentelecom".

In Technopolis "Moscow", in align with the chief engineer, is responsible for maintaining the engineering infrastructure of the company in working order, compliance with the requirements of environmental protection, labor protection and safety measures, and fire safety measures.

Evgeny Sapunov Director of IT Department

Evgeny Sapunov

Director of IT Department

He works in Technopolis since 2013. Previously, he was the head of IT department at the Russian Direct Investment Fund, he was employed by the Russian investment group Renaissance Group, where he worked his way from an engineer to a deputy head of the IT department.

In Technopolis "Moscow" team he is responsible for:

- development and support of IT infrastructure;
- operability of communication systems and Internet access;
- the functioning of security systems;
- operation of "Open Information Hub" and "Personal Account of Resident" systems.


Margarita Makarcheva


Joined the Technopolis "Moscow" team after three years of work in the "Innovation Forum" Foundation. In position of Deputy General Director, Margarita Makarcheva was engaged in the preparation and holding of the Moscow International Forum of Innovative Development "Open Innovations".

In Technopolis "Moscow" she is responsible for congress and exhibition activities, marketing and project support.

Olesya Maltseva Director of External Relations

Olesya Maltseva

Director of External Relations

Simultaneously with the work in Technopolis team, directs the Indian course within the framework of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization project "BRICS: Partnership in Technology and Innovation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises". Senior teacher of Hindi in MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation since 2007.

In Technopolis "Moscow" team she is responsible for:

- attracting investors to greenfield and brownfield;
- interaction with institutional investors and profile agencies;
- work of the Basic Department "Technopolis. Staff reserve" for training of specialists in the field of high technology.

Vyacheslav Abramenko Head of tenant relations department

Vyacheslav Abramenko

Head of tenant relations department

Joined the Technopolis team in 2011. Prior to that, he worked in the structures of RAO UES of Russia, the German energy engineering company Fichtner, private energy companies.

In Technopolis "Moscow" he is responsible for working with existing residents and resolving all issues related to the contractual component of their stay on the site.

Mila Kretova Press secretary

Mila Kretova

Press secretary

Joined the Technopolis team in December 2017. Prior to that, was an editor of recruiting project, wrote for a business magazine "Invest foresight", and worked in align with blockchain project BitCoen. From 2012 to 2015 was a regular correspondent of weekly magazine "Company". From 2007 to 2011 worked with various PR agencies.

In Technopolis team is responsible for:

-contacting with mass media;
-organizing the photo and video shootings on Technopolis site;
-organizing the participation of Technopolis managing company speakers on external events;
-organizing the press tours to residents of Technopolis "Moscow".

Sergey Sivochalov Director of Investment

Sergey Sivochalov

Director of Investment

Sergey started his career in Technopolis in 2014 as a leading economist, later became head of the investment department, as well as headed the directorate for investments. Previously, he was engaged in the automation of accounting and management accounting companies as the project manager.

In Technopolis "Moscow" he is responsible for the analysis of investment projects of the company, financial and business planning.


109316, Moscow, Volgogradsky prospekt, 42
Phone: +7 495 647 08 18

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109316, Moscow, Volgogradsky prospekt, 42
Phone: +7 495 647 08 18

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© 2013-2020. All rights reserved. Design, site development - InterLabs

109316, Moscow, Volgogradsky prospekt, 42
Phone: +7 495 647 08 18

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© 2013-2020. All rights reserved. Design, site development - InterLabs